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GBAYHA Sponsored Tournaments Page

  • Pool Tournaments - 3 game guarantee
  • No Gate Fees
  • Large 3 sheet state of the art facility
  • Cornerstone Community Center, Green Bay, WI
  • ALL LEVELS $650/team, Multiple Team Discounts



Congratulations to the following Fox River Classic & Mary Ann Robinson Girls Tournament Champions

Green Bay Black- Squirt C Champions

Ozaukee- U10 Champions

Viroqua- U12 Champions

Ice Spirit- U14 Champions

George Heimbuch Tundra Tussle 2017

Squirts GM1 GM2 GM3 Tot.   GM1 GM2 GM3 Tot.  
Pool A         Pool B          
Green Bay (GB)         Appleton (APP)          
Sun Prairie (SP)         Polar Caps (PC)          
Ozaukee (OZ)         Elmbrook (EB)          
West Bend (WB)         Waukesha (WK)          
Peewees GM1 GM2 GM3 Tot. Peewees GM1 GM2 GM3 Tot.  
Pool A         Pool B          
Green Bay (GB)         Appleton (APP)          
Ozaukee (OZ)         West Bend (WB)          
Polar Caps (PC)         Sun Prairie (SP)          
Waterloo (WL)         Janesville (JV)          
Bantams   GM1 GM2 GM3 Tot.   GM1 GM2 GM3 Tot.  
Pool A         Pool B          
Green Bay (GB)         Arrowhead (AH)          
CCJHA (CC)         Chippewa Falls (CF)          
Polar Caps (PC)         Marquette (MQ)          
Superior (SUP)         Sun Prairie (SP)          


          HOME   AWAY
2/24/2016 Fri 600p Rink 2 BB GB v PC
2/24/2016 Fri 600p Rink 3 BB AH v SP
2/24/2016 Fri 730p Rink 2 BB CC v SUP
2/24/2016 Fri 730p Rink 3 BB MQ v CF
2/25/2016 Sat 730a Rink 3 SB GB v OZ
2/25/2016 Sat 830a Rink 1 SB APP v WK
2/25/2016 Sat 845a Rink 2 SB SP v WB
2/25/2016 Sat 900a Rink 3 SB PC v EB
2/25/2016 Sat 1000a Rink 1 PB GB v OZ
2/25/2016 Sat 1015A Rink 2 PB APP v WB
2/25/2016 Sat 1030A Rink 3 PB PC v WL
2/25/2016 Sat 1130A Rink 1 PB SP v JV
2/25/2016 Sat 1145A Rink 2 SB WB v GB
2/25/2016 Sat 1200p Rink 3 SB WK v PC
2/25/2016 Sat 100p Rink 1 SB EB v APP
2/25/2016 Sat 115p Rink 2 SB OZ v SP
2/25/2016 Sat 130p Rink 3 BB SP v MQ
2/25/2016 Sat 245p Rink 2 BB PC v CC
2/25/2016 Sat 415p Rink 2 BB SUP v GB
2/25/2016 Sat 545p Rink 2 BB CF v AH
2/25/2016 Sat 600p Rink 3 PB WK v SP
2/25/2016 Sat 715p Rink 2 PB OZ v PC
2/25/2016 Sat 730p Rink 3 PB JV v APP
2/25/2016 Sat 845p Rink 2 PB WL v GB
2/26/2016 Sun 700a DePere SB EB v WK
2/26/2016 Sun 700a Rink 3 SB OZ v WB
2/26/2016 Sun 800a Rink 1 SB GB v SP
2/26/2016 Sun 800a Rink 2 SB PC v APP
2/26/2016 Sun 830a DePere BB GB v CC
2/26/2016 Sun 830a Rink 3 BB SUP v PC
2/26/2016 Sun 930a Rink 1 BB MQ v AH
2/26/2016 Sun 930a Rink 2 BB SP v CF
2/26/2016 Sun 1000a DePere PB WL v OZ
2/26/2016 Sun 1000a Rink 3 PB JV v WB
2/26/2016 Sun 1130a DePere PB GB v PC
2/26/2016 Sun 1130a Rink 3 PB APP v SP


          HOME   AWAY    
2/26/2017 Sun 100p Rink 3 SB Pool A Champ  v Pool B Champ  
2/26/2017 Sun 230p Rink 3 BB Pool A Champ  v Pool B Champ  
2/26/2017 Sun 400p Rink 3 PB Pool A Champ  v Pool B Champ  


George Wrobel Peewee Tournament

Peewees GM1 GM2 GM3 Tot. Peewees GM1 GM2 GM3 Tot.
Pool A         Pool B        
Green Bay (GB) 2 0 1 3 Appleton (APP) 0 2 0 2
Polar Caps (PC) 0 0 0 0 Middleton (MID) 2 2 2 6
Arrowhead (AH) 2 2 1 5 Ozaukee (OZ) 0 0 2 2
Waunakee (WK) 0 2 2 4 Chippewa Falls (CF) 2 0 0 2
Championship Game
Arrowhead 5 Middleton  3
 Tournament Champion Arrowhead



2015-16 Hockey Tournaments

Bobcat Hockey 2016-17 Tournaments

  • 3 game guarantee, no gate fees.
  • Tournaments hosted at the Cornerstone Community Center Home of the Green Bay Bobcats.
  • Multi Team Discount for any team that brings more than 1 team to any Bobcat tournament in 2016-17 season.(discount per team)
  • For tournament information and registration please contact Don Chilson at or by phone 920-403-2000


Ray Gardner Tundra Tussle
Bantam A Full Dec 16-18, 2016
PeeWee A FULL Dec 16-18, 2016
Squirt A Full Dec 16-18, 2016
George Wrobel Peewee and Bantam House Tournament  
Bantam C Jan 28-29 2017
PeeWee C Full Jan 28-29 2017
Maryann Robinson Girls Tournament  
Girls 14U Full Feb 18-19, 2017
Girls 12U Full Feb 18-19, 2017
Girls 10U FULL Feb 18-19, 2017
Fox River Classic  
Squirt C Full Feb 18-19, 2017
George Heimbuch Tundra Tussle  
PeeWee B Full Feb 25-26 2017
Squirt B Full Feb 25-26 2017
Bantam B Full Feb 25-26 2017
Multiple team discounts for any tournament

Tournament Director

For registration and tournament information please email


Don Chilson

Cornerstone Community Center Rink Manager

Phone: 920.403.2000

Please See Our Sponsors Page For Your Travel Planning

Our Sponsors Page has a list of Business that support youth hockey. Please consider these businesses as you plan your stay in Green Bay. Thank You.